Pearl District 2 Way and 3 Way Frames and Accessories  

These frames are made with beautiful brushed satin nickel finish and have many accessories that you can choose from to display in your retail store.  Choose
the accessories to hang or fold your merchandise to show them off.  Whether you are
displaying coordinated outfits complete with accessories or your many different colors
of one kind of merchandise, you will be able to make up your fixtures to your liking. 
    Choose your base displays and add reversible shelves in your choice of:  Blakewood/Aspen or Modern Maple/Expresso.   
These floor displays are a great complement to the Outriggers or Nesting Tables
offered in this line.
    Each 2 Way or 3 Way comes with 2" casters; 2 locking and 2 non locking.
2 Way frame is 33.77" W x 27" D x 61.71" H
3 Way frame is 33.77" W x 44.69" D x 61.71" H
• Faceouts (12" projection) are designed to be used with the Hangbar.
• Peghooks for use with the Hangbar are available in 10" and 6" projections.
• Reversible shelves (25 5/8" x 15 1/4") include shelf brackets.
• Front Facing Hangrod (14" long) attaches below the Shelf from front to back.
• Side Facing Hangrod (24" long) attaches below the shelf from side to side.
• Hangbars are 1 1/2" rectangular tube and include the mounting brackets. 
  Available in
2" and 9" projection.
Pearl District 2 Way and 3 Way Frames and Accessories
Pearl District 2 Way and 3 Way Frames and Accessories Price each
Price each
64V3002-290-2WAY-BW2 Way Frame - 33.77"x27"x61.71"Blakewood Black & Aspen$430.04Add To Cart
64V3002-290-2WAY-ME2 Way Frame - 33.77"x27"x61.71"Modern Maple & Espresso$430.04Add To Cart
64V3002-290-3WAY-BW3 Way Frame - 33.77"x44.69"x61.71"Blakewood Black & Aspen$680.07Add To Cart
64V3002-290-3WAY-ME3 Way Frame - 33.77"x44.69"x61.71"Modern Maple & Espresso$680.07Add To Cart
64V3002-290-HW-FO12Faceout - 12" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$7.84Add To Cart
64V3002-290-HW-PEG10Peghooks - 10" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$2.09Add To Cart
64V3002-290-HW-PEG6Peghooks - 6" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$1.75Add To Cart
 64V3002-290-WAY-SHBK-BWDisplay Shelf - 25 5/8" x 15 1/4"Blakewood Black & Aspen$52.93Add To Cart
 64V3002-290-WAY-SBK-MEDisplay Shelf - 25 5/8" x 15 1/4"Modern Maple & Espresso$52.93Add To Cart
64V3002-290-WAY-SHR-14Front Facing Hangrod - 14"Brushed Satin Nickel Finish$8.96Add To Cart
64V3002-290-WAY-SHR-24Side Facing Hangrod - 24"Brushed Satin Nickel Finish$10.09Add To Cart
64V3002-290-WAY-WHB-2Hang Bar - 2" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$15.72Add To Cart
64V3002-290-WAY-WHB-9Hang Bar - 9" ProjectionBrushed Satin Nickel Finish$22.49Add To Cart
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