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Size Dividers Oblong White with Black Numbers

The Size Dividers Oblong White with Black Numbers will help your retail store's customers be able to find their size of clothing quickly. Please note the item number" 4612 blank" clothing size dividers have no printing.

Overall height of each sizer is 2" x 5". Portion of the sizer that displays above the hangrod is 1 1/2".

Sold in packages of 5 Each.
Size Dividers Oblong White with Black Numbers
Size Dividers Oblong White with Black Numbers Price pack of 5
Price pack of 5
4612SStandard 5/pack"S"$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
4612MStandard 5/pack"M"$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
4612XLStandard 5/pack"XL"$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
4612LStandard 5/pack"L"$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
4612XXLStandard 5/packXXL$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461201Numbers 5/pack1$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461202Numbers 5/pack2$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461203Numbers 5/pack3$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461204Numbers 5/pack4$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461205Numbers 5/pack5$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461206Numbers 5/pack6$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461208Numbers 5/pack8$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461209Numbers 5/pack9$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461210Numbers 5/pack10$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461212Numbers 5/pack12$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461213Numbers 5/pack13$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461214Numbers 5/pack14$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461216Numbers 5/pack16$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461218Numbers 5/pack18$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461222Numbers 5/pack22$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461230Numbers 5/pack30$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461236Numbers 5/pack36$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461242Numbers 5/pack42$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461207Numbers 5/pack7$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461211Numbers 5/pack11$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461215Numbers 5/pack15$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461217Numbers 5/pack17$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461219Numbers 5/pack19$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461220Numbers 5/pack20$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461221Numbers 5/pack21$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461223Numbers 5/pack23$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461224Numbers 5/pack24$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461225Numbers 5/pack25$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461226Numbers 5/pack26$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461227Numbers 5/pack27$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461228Numbers 5/pack28$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461229Numbers 5/pack29$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461231Numbers 5/pack31$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461232Numbers 5/pack32$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461233Numbers 5/pack33$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461234Numbers 5/pack34$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461238Numbers 5/pack38$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461239Numbers 5/pack39$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461240Numbers 5/pack40$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461241Numbers 5/pack41$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461243Numbers 5/pack43$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461244Numbers 5/pack44$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
461235Numbers 5/pack35$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
4612Blank 5/packBlank$1.30$1.20$1.15Add To Cart
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