Hanger Accessories

Keep garments hanging on hangers neatly with your choice of three different products that you can use with hangers for your retail store
    • Hanger Covers in Charcoal or White (100 covers/pack) 
    • Adhesive Foam Strips (1600 strips/roll). 
    • Slip-Stop Hanger Grabber
        (50 per/case, Neutral -only)
   • Hanger Retriever 54" (sold individually)
   • Hanger Stacker (sold individually)
    The Hanger Retriever (54" L-chrome plated w/wood handle) gives you the ability to reach apparel on hangers that are in hard to reach places. It is a high quality product that will last for years.  
    The Hanger StackerStop wasting time untangling hangers. Designed for approx. 100 hangers. Keeps your retail store's hangers organized and easy to access for reuse.
Hanger Accessories
Hanger Accessories Price
4203012Foam Hanger Cover-Charcoal - 100/pack$9.05$8.15$7.33Add To Cart
4203011Foam Hanger Cover-White - 100/pack$9.05$8.15$7.33Add To Cart
4262646Adhesive Foam Strips - 1600/roll$45.90$41.31$37.18Add To Cart
420480Hanger Retriever 54"-each$14.33$13.61$12.93Add To Cart
420481Hanger Stacker - each$14.05$13.35$12.68Add To Cart
412221Slip-Stop Hanger Grabber, Neutral-50/case$12.77$11.49$10.34Add To Cart
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