Male Arms

Male Arms - A part of System Components. Create a mannequin by selecting a bust and legs with base, then choose shoulder caps or one of three different pairs of male arms. System mannequin series is a revolutionary, component based approach to mannequin design.  Available in Flesh tone or White.
Male Arms
Male Arms Price ea.
Price ea.
42VSYMAMale Arms by Side - Fleshtone$96.00Add To Cart
42VSYMCMale Arms behind back - Fleshtone$96.00Add To Cart
42VSYMBMale Arms w/hands on hips - Fleshtone$96.00Add To Cart
42VSYMA109Male Arms by Side - White$93.33Add To Cart
42VSYMC109Male Arms behind back - White$93.33Add To Cart
42VSYMB109Male Arms w/hands on hips - White$93.33Add To Cart
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