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Clear Zipper Reclosable Poly Bags

Clear Plastic Zipper Reclosable Bags are available in many sizes. Great if you have lots of small items that need to be packaged individually, like beads, or other types of craft supplies. 
Available in two thicknesses 2 Mil and 4 Mil (not all sizes available in both gauges).
Sold 1M (1,000) per case.
Clear Zipper Reclosable Poly Bags
Clear Zipper Reclosable Poly Bags Price per case
Price per case
5K202022.0 Mil2" x 2"$6.83$6.16Add To Cart
5K202032.0 Mil2" x 3"$8.04$7.25Add To Cart
5K206082.0 Mil6" x 8"$34.85$31.43Add To Cart
5K205102.0 Mil5" x 10"$35.93$32.41Add To Cart
5K205122.0 Mil5" x 12"$42.87$38.67Add To Cart
5K209122.0 Mil9" x 12"$74.30$67.02Add To Cart
5K203032.0 Mil3" x 3"$10.57$9.53Add To Cart
5K203042.0 Mil3" x 4"$10.93$9.86Add To Cart
5K203062.0 Mil3" x 6"$14.98$13.51Add To Cart
5K204062.0 Mil4" x 6"$18.98$17.12Add To Cart
5K204082.0 Mil4" x 8"$23.89$21.55Add To Cart
5K205072.0 Mil5" x 7"$27.17$24.51Add To Cart
5K208102.0 Mil8" x 10"$58.48$52.75Add To Cart
5K206102.0 Mil6" x 10"$43.61$39.33Add To Cart
5K206122.0 Mil6" x 12"$52.39$47.25Add To Cart
5K210122.0 Mil10" x 12"$83.43$75.25Add To Cart
5K212152.0 Mil12" x 15"$120.59$108.76Add To Cart
5K206042.0 Mil6" x 4"$20.72$18.69Add To Cart
5K203052.0 Mil3" x 5"$13.00$11.73Add To Cart
5K406084.0 Mil6" x 8"$68.13$61.45Add To Cart
5K403044.0 Mil3" x 4"$33.30$30.04Add To Cart
5K404064.0 Mil4" x 6"$35.28$31.82Add To Cart
5K404044.0 Mil4" x 4"$26.15$23.59Add To Cart
5K405084.0 Mil5" x 8"$56.50$50.96Add To Cart
5K403054.0 Mil3" x 5"$25.00$22.55Add To Cart
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