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Plastic Bags

Plastic bags
  • Are re-used by consumers for many purposes which saves the production of another bag
  • Weigh approximately 75% less than equivalent paper bags so they use less resources to transport
  • Use approximately 40% less energy to produce than the equivalent paper bag
  • Generate approximately 80% less solid waste than the equivalent paper bag
  • Require approximately 91% less energy to recycle than the equivalent paper bag
  • Are often made with post-consumer recycled material
  • Are 100% recyclable: lowering the amount of plastic entering landfills and using new resources
  • Take up approximately 10% of the landfill space of the equivalent paper bag
  • Produce no greenhouse gas in decomposition
  • Produce less water pollution in manufacturing
  • Produce less air pollution in manufacturing
  • Are produced from the by-products of refining gasoline, so not using this by-product is the irresponsible thing to do
  • Many of our plastic bags are produced in the USA