Scanner Hook Label Holders

Use any type of label to draw attention to the areas in your retail store you wish to label with Label Holders for Paper & Adhesive labels.  Packed 100/pack. Most hold 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" labels. Quad Wire holders are only for adhesive 2" x 1 1/4 labels.

These label holders fit our
1 & 2 Piece Scanner Hooks.
hooks pictured above.
Sold separately.

Scanner Hook Label Holders
Scanner Hook Label Holders Price pack|pack
Price pack|pack
451525Snap Lock Holder for Med Duty 1 Piece Scanner Hook$20.92$19.88$17.89Add To Cart
452525Snap Lock Holder for HD 1 Piece Hooks$20.92$19.88$17.89Add To Cart
452526Paper or Adh Label Holder for HD 1 Piece Hooks$16.15$15.34$13.81Add To Cart
45242Quad Wire Label Holder - For all Scanner Hooks$13.55$12.87$11.59Add To Cart
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