1 and 2 Piece Scanner Hooks

Label your Heavy Duty or Medium Duty areas with the 1 and 2 Piece Scanner Hooks. These are sold 100 per package.
Use our Label Holders for Scanner Hooks are pictured below. Sold separately.
1 and 2 Piece Scanner Hooks
1 and 2 Piece Scanner Hooks Price pack|pack
Price pack|pack
451661 Piece Medium Duty - 6"$57.47$54.59$51.86Add To Cart
452681 Piece Heavy Duty - 8"$83.74$79.56$75.58Add To Cart
451681 Piece Medium Duty - 8"$67.25$63.89$60.69Add To Cart
4526101 Piece Heavy Duty - 10"$111.63$106.05$100.74Add To Cart
45AWMPH81 Piece Scanner Hook w/Metal Holder Plate - 8"$99.42$94.45$85.01Add To Cart
452782 Piece Heavy Duty - 8"$111.31$105.74$100.45Add To Cart
4527102 piece Heavy Duty - 10"$124.78$118.54$112.61Add To Cart
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