JR Holiday and Christmas

Large selection of eco-friendly giftwrap for Holidays and Christmas. Made from 100% post consumer recycled fiber. Beautiful patterns and colors available in 1/4 reams, 1/2 reams and full reams.
JR Holiday and Christmas

Neon Trees XB575 Gloss

Holy Night XB633

Christmas Print XB584

Sparkleflake White XB676 Holographic

Christmas Chalk XB662 Premium White Kraft

Elegant Holly XB726 Gold Foil

Merry & Bright XB629 Silver Foil

Holiday Stamp XB748 Natural Kraft, Gold Highlight

Shield of David XB768 Holographic

Christmas Chevron XB802 Gold Foil

Snowman Smile XB703 Silver Metallic Base

Sparkle Snow XB528 Holographic

Ho ho ho! XB673 Foil

Happy Owlidays XB680

Menorah Mosaic XB759 Gold Highlight

Stripe XB672 Matte, Silver/Gold Highlight

Adorned Antler XB579

Christmas Bloom XB624 Red Foil

Christmas Dog XB574

Christmas Geo XB663 Gloss

Coming to Town XB790 Matte/Gloss

Adorned Antler XB815 Kraft, Matte

Angels XB833 Gloss

Dancing Santa Gold XB507 Gold Metallic Base

Elegant Cardinal XB831 Red Foil, Silver Highlight

Christmas Star XB839 Gold Highlight, Foil

Fancy Prancer Black XB650 Matte/Gloss, Gold Hghlt

Festive Feliz XB822

Gold Houndstooth B498 Gold Highlight

Holiday Harliquin XB817 Gloss/Metallic Highlight

Festive Fox XB819 Matte/Gloss, Cutlines

Holiday Pine XB810 Matte/Gloss

Ornamental Beauty Gold XB590 Gold Foil

Opulent Ornament White XB821 Silver Foil

Santa XB545

Quilted Christmas XB826 Cutlines

Merry Christmas XB652 Silver Foil

Playful Santa XB816 Metallic Base, Cutlines

Hanukkah Memories XB793 Silver Highlight

Happy Hanukkah XB796 Matte/Gloss, Cutlines

Hanukkah Stripe XB702 Silver Foil, Embossed

Moss Plaid B497 Embossed

Red White Stripe XB698 Red Foil, Embossed

Opulent Ornament XB693 Gold Foil

Jingle Bell Script XB827 Holographic

Dear Santa XB820 Matte/Gloss, Cutlines

Deco Dots XB830 Matte/Gloss Kraft

Winter Frost XB511 Metallic Base

Holiday Watercolor XB814 Matte, Cutlines

Sweater Print XB580

Traditional Hanukkah XB710 Silver Foil

Winter Owl XB735 Cutlines

White Poinsettia XB696 Red Foil

Sweet Stripe XB828 Red Foil

Traditional Nutcracker XB611 Gold Highlight

Sunset Snowflake Gold XB758 Gld MtlicBse PearlHght

Winter Woodland XB792 Cutlines

Swirling Snowman XB777 Matte/Gloss

Sunset Snowflake XB618 Pearl Highlight

Snow Berries XB825 Gloss

Winter Birds XB823 Super Gloss

Elegant Winter XB808 Gold Foil

Reindeer Hop Kraft XB506 Premium White Kraft

Delicate Décor XB599 Holographic

Frosty Flake XB622 Silver Foil

Neon Trees XB575 Gloss 56V-5057-XB575.25
Price per roll
56V-5057-XB575Full Ream$232.16Add To Cart
56V-5057-XB575.251/4 Ream$75.55Add To Cart
56V-5057-XB575.501/2 Ream$124.83Add To Cart
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