Vantage Christmas Giftwrap

VantagePOINT Christmas Giftwrap are in-stock in Texas. Beautiful, full color patterns are on 60# heavy weight paper using environmentally friendly water based inks (*with the exception of foil papers).  In addition we offer 5 foil patterns in this line. These giftwraps are available 24” x 417’ put ups.
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Vantage Christmas Giftwrap

Holiday Green Foil - HXF15974

Peace, Love, Joy Foil - HXF14767

Scratchboard Forest - HXP12749

Holiday Mints Foil - HXF91368

Deck the Halls Kraft - HXK15875

Blue Blizzard Foil - HXF14764

Kool Christmas Foil - HXF15819

Rockin Tree Kraft - HXK15891

Joyful Angels - HXP12730

Merry Christmas Script - HXP10690

Polka Snowmen - HXP10761

Silver Bells (Foil) - HXF11837

Icy Snowman Foil - HXF14716

Millionaire Snowmen - HXP12737

Happy Christmas - HXP11782

Merry Wishes - HXP10743

Snowy Mountain - HXP12812

Holiday Elegant Peppermint Foil - HXF14786

Classic Christmas Ornaments - HXP12818

Tree Gnomes - HXP12777

Snowflake Dance Foil - HXF14717

Night Watchman - HXP14708

Reindeers & Stars - HXP13009

Holly Jolly Christmas - HXP13072R

Top Hat Snowman - HXP13074

Christmas Windows - HXP12783

Festive Poinsettia - HXP14759

Red & White Dots - HXP12753

Holiday Hot Chocolate - HXP13031

Swinging Holiday - HXP14760

Holly Days - HXP15858

Joyful Noel - HXP14707

Ribbon Candy Reversible - HXP13033R

Glad Tidings - HXP14700

Tree Farm - HXP13007

Chalk UP Christmas - HXP16077

Christmas Dots Red - HXP13006

Holiday Elegant Christmas Damask - HXP14775

Frosty Snowman - HXP12819

Snowy Night - HXP12789

Holiday Party - HXP14739

Country Christmas - HXP15810

Tree Parade - HXP14723

Winter Olympics - HXP14771

Christmas Vacation - HXP12709

Chalkboard Ornaments - HXP16870

Fantasy Forest - HXP14772

Festive Fall - HXP16860

Christmas Critters - HXP91261

Snow Horse - HXP14735

Peppermint Candies Vellum - HXV16058

Snowflakes & Peppermint - HXP15972

Trim The Trees - HXP00196

Knitting - HXP14781

Holly Silhouette Stripe - HXP15808

Frosty Family - HXP15973

Hat Sized - HXP14765

Merry Dots - HXP3249

Happy Santas Reversible - HXP11695R

Be Jolly - HXP12775

Pine Boughs - HXP14749

Hanukkah Dots - HXP91327

Peppermint Chevron - HXF14768

Ho Ho Snowman - HXP10766

Holiday Green Foil - HXF15974 565HXF15974
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