Quantum Flange Brackets, Chrome

Flange Brackets for Quantum System
For heavy loads.
Heavy Duty Chrome System from American Retail Supply QUANTUM SYSTEM is produced in accordance with major U.S. manufacturer's standards with regard to steel hardness and wall thickness.  Some imported lines may not meet these exact standards.  The Quantum System is compatible with  CAPITOL, CROWN, GARCY, and REEVE.   
The Flange Brackets has screw holes so a wood shelf can be secured to the bracket. Use with the Surface Mounted Standards. Also, remember when ordering the Flange Brackets to specify R=Right or L= Left.

Quantum Flange Brackets, Chrome
Quantum Flange Brackets, Chrome Price ea.
Price ea.
6280116L16" L$5.07$4.82$4.34Add To Cart
6280118L18" L$5.87$5.57$5.02Add To Cart
6280118R18" R$5.87$5.57$5.02Add To Cart
6280122R22" R$7.38$7.01$6.31Add To Cart
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Price ea.
6280112L12" L$5.37  Add To Cart
6280112R12" R$5.37  Add To Cart
6280114R14" R$8.26  Add To Cart
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