Universal Flange Brackets

The Universal System is recommended for moderate loads and normal traffic conditions. Universal Flange Brackets are made to be used with wood shelves. The Flange has screw holes so that you can attach a wood shelf to the bracket.

Universal Flange Brackets
Universal Flange Brackets Price ea.
Price ea.
6180124L24" Left$7.02$6.32$5.37Add To Cart
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Price ea.
6180105L5" Left$2.53  Add To Cart
6180105R5" Right$2.53  Add To Cart
6180108L8" Left$3.02  Add To Cart
6180108R8" Right$3.02  Add To Cart
6180110L10" Left$3.55  Add To Cart
6180110R10" Right$3.55  Add To Cart
6180112L12" Left$4.00  Add To Cart
6180112R12" Right$4.00  Add To Cart
6180114L14" Left$4.11  Add To Cart
6180114R14" Right$4.11  Add To Cart
6180116L16" Left$4.88  Add To Cart
6180116R16" Right$4.88  Add To Cart
6180118L18" Left$4.94  Add To Cart
6180118R18" Right$4.94  Add To Cart
6180120L20" Left$5.16  Add To Cart
6180120R20" Right$5.16  Add To Cart
6180122L22" Left$5.41  Add To Cart
6180122R22" Right$5.41  Add To Cart
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