Universal Brackets

The Universal System is recommended for moderate loads and normal traffic conditions. Use any of the Knife Edge Bracket style of Universal Systems for those types of loads.

Universal Brackets
Universal Brackets Price ea.
Price ea.
61401044"$1.43$1.36$1.22Add To Cart
61401066"$1.46$1.39$1.25Add To Cart
61401088"$1.49$1.41$1.27Add To Cart
614011010"$1.61$1.53$1.37Add To Cart
614011212"$1.77$1.68$1.51Add To Cart
614011414"$1.95$1.85$1.67Add To Cart
614011616"$2.74$2.60$2.34Add To Cart
614011818"$3.50$3.33$2.99Add To Cart
614012020"$4.20$3.99$3.59Add To Cart
6140110B10" -- Black$1.61$1.53$1.37Add To Cart
6140112B12" -- Black$1.77$1.68$1.51Add To Cart
6140114B14" -- Black$1.95$1.85$1.67Add To Cart
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