CalHook Brackets  

Slanted and Straight brackets for CalTRACK or SlatTRACK make you sample display area very easy to use.  Easily get to the sample book you need quickly. Brackets are sold in packs of 6.
CalHook Brackets
CalHook Brackets Price each
Price each
48SCKFaceout with Hooks, 8", 4 hook$21.54$19.44Add To Cart
48SLCKSlanted Faceout with Hooks, 13", 6 hook$29.64$26.70Add To Cart
48DDCKHeavy Duty Striaght Bracket w/Hooks, 12" , 6 hooks$28.86$25.98Add To Cart
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Price each
48SSTR5Square Straight Faceout with Hooks$4.70 Add To Cart
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