Crossbar Accessories

Crossbar Accessories are a great way to expand your display space and options. Chose between waterfalls, straight face-outs,  hooks. The Crossbar Bracket connectors with Lock Nut attach to Universal System Standards and can be used with crossbars.  Be sure to check if you need left, right or center for some items.
Crossbar Accessories
Crossbar Accessories Price ea.
Price ea.
6416101212" Straight Faceout 3/4" tubing$4.40$4.18$3.96Add To Cart
6416111212" Ball Stop Waterfall 3/4" tubing$5.04$4.54$4.08Add To Cart
6416111616" Ball Stop Waterfall 3/4" tubing$5.20$4.68$4.21Add To Cart
6416121616" Waterfall with Hooks 3/4" tubing$5.20$4.68$4.21Add To Cart
Price ea.
616021L1" Length - Left$2.27$2.15$1.94Add To Cart
616021R1" Length - Right$2.27$2.15$1.94Add To Cart
616021C1" Length - Center$2.27$2.15$1.94Add To Cart
616023L3" Length - Left$3.53$3.35$3.02Add To Cart
616023R3" Length - Right$3.53$3.35$3.02Add To Cart
616023C3" Length - Center$3.53$3.35$3.02Add To Cart
616029L9" Length - Left$4.59$4.36$3.92Add To Cart
616029R9" Length - Right$4.59$4.36$3.92Add To Cart
616029C9" Length - Center$4.59$4.36$3.92Add To Cart
64160366" Saftey Hooks 1/4" dia.$0.82$0.74$0.66Add To Cart
64160399" Saftey Hooks 1/4" dia$0.87$0.79$0.71Add To Cart
Price ea.
6416121212" Waterfall with Hooks 3/4" tubing$5.62$5.05$4.55Add To Cart
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