Merchandise Bar Accessories

Merchandising bar accessories make your system usable and designed just for you. 
Merchandise Bar Accessories
Merchandise Bar Accessories Price ea.
Price ea.
645601CCenter Snap on Bracket for HD Brackets$4.27Add To Cart
645601LLeft Snap on Bracket for HD Brackets$4.27Add To Cart
645601RRight Snap on Bracket for HD Brackets $4.27Add To Cart
6457142Merchandising Bar Clamp for Sign Holder$2.79Add To Cart
6457004Safety Hook, 4"$0.58Add To Cart
6457006Safety Hook, 6"$0.58Add To Cart
6457009Safety Hook, 9"$0.67Add To Cart
64571012Straight Faceout 12"$4.27Add To Cart
64571112Ball Waterfall 12"$4.88Add To Cart
64571116Ball Waterfall 16"$6.22Add To Cart
64571212Hook Waterfall 12" with 4 hooks$5.72Add To Cart
64571216Hook Waterfall 16" with 6 hooks$6.49Add To Cart
64501End Cap$0.94Add To Cart
64503Plastic End Cap$0.25Add To Cart
64502End Cap Extension$1.42Add To Cart
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