Gridwall Standard Brackets

(Knife Edge Brackets) brackets can be used with Gridwall or Slatgrid fixtures.  All are available in chrome, black or white. They range in length from 4" to 16". Use melamine shelves, glass, and or wood with these brackets.
Gridwall Standard Brackets
Gridwall Standard Brackets Price per each
Price per each
6640104B4"Black$2.42Add To Cart
6640106C6"Chrome$2.49Add To Cart
6640106B6"Black$2.49Add To Cart
6640106W6"White$2.49Add To Cart
6640108C8"Chrome$2.52Add To Cart
6640108B8"Black$2.52Add To Cart
6640108W8"White$2.52Add To Cart
6640110C10"Chrome$2.85Add To Cart
6640110B10"Black$2.85Add To Cart
6640110W10"White$2.85Add To Cart
6640112C12"Chrome$2.97Add To Cart
6640112B12"Black$2.97Add To Cart
6640112W12"White$2.97Add To Cart
6640114C14"Chrome$3.09Add To Cart
6640114B14"Black$3.09Add To Cart
6640114W14"White$3.09Add To Cart
6640116C16"Chrome$3.43Add To Cart
6640116B16"Black$3.43Add To Cart
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