Gridwall Hook – Regular Duty

Regular Duty hooks are 3/16" diameter with a 45º tip.  They come in sizes ranging from 2" to 12", and in black, white, or chrome.
Gridwall Hook – Regular Duty
Gridwall Hook – Regular Duty Price ea.
Price ea.
6621302C2"Chrome$0.51Add To Cart
6621302B2"Black$0.51Add To Cart
6621302W2"White$0.51Add To Cart
6621304C4"Chrome$0.54Add To Cart
6621304B4"Black$0.54Add To Cart
6621304W4"White$0.54Add To Cart
6621306C6"Chrome$0.56Add To Cart
6621306B6"Black$0.56Add To Cart
6621306W6"White$0.56Add To Cart
6621308C8"Chrome$0.65Add To Cart
6621308B8"Black$0.65Add To Cart
6621308W8"White$0.65Add To Cart
6621310C10"Chrome$0.74Add To Cart
6621310B10"Black$0.74Add To Cart
6621310W10"White$0.74Add To Cart
6621312C12"Chrome$0.76Add To Cart
6621312B12"Black$0.76Add To Cart
6621312W12"White$0.76Add To Cart
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