Storbox Cube Display

Durable, long lasting for this ideal solution for storing or displaying small parts from nuts and bolts, sinkers and hooks to beads and badges. Slatbox Cube with its innovative shape makes even the smallest items accessible and easy to display.
5.9"L x 5.9"W x 7"H

Available in these colors plus clear and white.
Storbox Cube Display
Storbox Cube Display Price
7001030YEYellow$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
 7001030RDRed$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
7001030BKBlack$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
 7001030OROrange$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
 7001030GRGreen$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
7001030BLBlue$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
7001030CLClear$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
 7001030WHWhite$6.16$5.85$5.56$5.28Add To Cart
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