Pipe Hangers without Shelves  

These designer pipe hangers are perfect for pairing with our 3D Textured Slatwall. Made from 3/4" in thick steel pipe and available in 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft widths, these pipe hangers can perfectly accent your unique merchandise.

These hangers come in Black, Bronze, Sandblast or Rust. We also sell these hangers with shelves included.
Go here to purchase hangers WITH shelves.

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Pipe Hangers without Shelves
Pipe Hangers without Shelves Price
SKUSizePipe Color1+QuantityShop
656043FTPH1BL1' HangerBlack$73.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH1BR1' HangerBronze$81.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH1S1' HangerSandblast$81.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH1R1' HangerRust$107.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH2BL2' HangerBlack$84.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH2BR2' HangerBronze$93.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH2S2' HangerSandblast$93.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH2R2' HangerRust$116.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH3BL3' HangerBlack$96.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH3BR3' HangerBronze$104.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH3S3' HangerSandblast$104.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH3R3' HangerRust$116.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH4BL4' HangerBlack$107.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH4BR4' HangerBronze$116.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH4S4' HangerSandblast$116.93Add To Cart
656043FTPH4R4' HangerRust$124.93Add To Cart
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