Slatwall Panel Inserts

Some slatwall panel inserts can be used to increase the strength of the board so you can display heavy merchandise while others increase the visual appeal of your display but do not add any strength to the slatwall.

Increase Strength:
T shaped Aluminum Inserts must be installed during the manufacturing of the slatwall. These inserts increase the weight capacity to 50-60 pounds per bracket. Please call 1-800-426-5708 to order metal-reinforced slatwall - a sales representative would be happy to help you! 

Visual Appeal:
Color Grooves Tape is a flat, flexible, non-adhesive vinyl. Comes on a roll. 1 Roll per sheet of slatwall.
Colorsnaps actually snap into place after the panel is installed. Covers entire groove. Comes in 8' lengths.
Plastic End Caps are 8' long and cover the ends of your unfinished slatwall. These are a great solution for covering up an unfinished edge.

*Other connectors available to make corners, or build displays for permanent or temporary solutions. For more information call us at 1-800-426-5708 or
e-mail us at

Some of these items will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount.

Slatwall Panel Inserts
Slatwall Panel Inserts Price
 65121Color SnapsWhite$37.50Add To Cart
 65128Color SnapsBlack$37.50Add To Cart
 65122Color SnapsRed$37.50Add To Cart
 65175Color GroovesWhite$30.61Add To Cart
 65177Color GroovesBlack$30.61Add To Cart
 65178Color GroovesRed$30.61Add To Cart
 65176Color GroovesGray$30.61Add To Cart
 65179Color GroovesBlue$30.61Add To Cart
65155Plastic End CapsWhite$12.50Add To Cart
65157Plastic End CapsBlack$12.50Add To Cart
 65156Plastic End CapsGray$12.50Add To Cart
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