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Inside The Magic Kingdom

"Do What You Do So Well That People Can't Help Telling Others About You" ~Walt Disney

    Tom Connellan's book "Inside the Magic Kingdom Seven Keys to Disney's Success" is one of only 4 books that every American Retail Supply team member is required to have and read.  It is an excellent, entertaining book that can enhance the success of any company.
The book uncovers the reason why almost 70% of Magic Kingdom guests are return visitors, and the principles that drive Disney's success.  It reveals 7 Key Principles as to why Disney is successful, all of which you can easily apply to any business. 
Among other things, in this book you will learn:
~How Disney creates and keeps up one of the most powerful
    corporate environment
~Who's the real competition for Disney - and how that applies
    to your company
~How to make all employees feel important and believe that
    they are an important part of the company
~There is a type of feedback that is more damaging than
    reprimanding, what is it,and how can you avoid it in your company
~The special way Disney cast members learn teamwork and
    how you can put that into practice at your company.
Don't just take my word for it, here is a quote from Peter Johnson, a American Retail Supply team member, as to how he feels about the book:
"yeah, I know what you're thinking... another dry business book.  'Inside the Magic Kingdom' is anything but. When Keith made this required reading for everyone here at American Retail Supply I was thinking that I would have to struggle through it.  Anything but!  The book is inspirational, full of amazing stories and a fast read.  I ended up trying to squeeze in chapters on breaks.  I soaked up the motivation."   ~Peter Johnson, POS tech support.

Inside The Magic Kingdom
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