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Jiffy Mailing Envelopes

Jiffy® Mailing Envelopes are bubble mailing bags are the brand name standard for cushioned shipping bags.
    You’ll save on postage when you use the Jiffy bubble mailing bags because they are the lightest type of cushioned shipping bag made. The clean and tough, air bubble lining of Jiffy bubble mailing bags is covered with strong, goldenrod kraft paper.
    These envelopes are also called bubble envelopes or padded envelopes. Jiffy bubble mailing bags close quickly and neatly with the self sealing adhesive strip.
Priced per case and quantities below.

Jiffy Mailing Envelopes
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361207Jiffy Bag 7 1/4" x 12"100$42.30$40.19Add To Cart
360610Jiffy Bag 6" x 10"250$88.24$83.83Add To Cart
361006Jiffy Bag 10 1/2" x 16"100$77.32$73.45Add To Cart
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