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Direct Thermal Labels

Choose from a variety of Direct Thermal Labels to work in your printer to mark your merchandise in your retail store.  Your printer may have a setting so that you can choose to print using a Direct Thermal Label or you may have a printer that exclusively prints direct thermal, either way, these labels will work for you.  Direct Thermal (DT) no ink ribbon necessary, the ink is in the label and is activated by heat.
    Product notes:
"2 UP" in product description means two labels side by side.  "Rem. Adh." (Removable Adhesive) works great when you want to remove your label on gift items at the cash register. 
Direct Thermal Labels
Direct Thermal Labels Price rl|roll
SKUDescriptionRoll Size1+6+12+QuantityShop
Price rl|roll
01678DT Vinyl Labels Jewelry w/Flaps - 2" x 5"2.49M/Roll$47.42$47.42$38.41Add To Cart
01671-2RDT Labels 2 UP 2.25" x .75" w/Rem. Adh.3.56M/Roll$38.43$34.59$31.13Add To Cart
01671-2DT Labels 2 UP - 1.125" x .75"3.56M/Roll$30.62$27.56$24.80Add To Cart
 01675DT Labels 2 UP - 1.20" x 1"2.34M/Roll$21.23$19.11$17.20Add To Cart
01675RDT Labels 2 UP - 1.20" x 1" w/Rem. Adh.2.62M/Roll$30.68$27.61$24.85Add To Cart
01676DT Tags 2.25" x 1.37" w/Holes1.6M/Roll$23.05$20.75$18.67Add To Cart
28951DT Labels - 1.25" x 5"2M/Roll$16.36$14.72$13.25Add To Cart
28951RDT Labels 1.25" x .5" w/Rem. Adh.2M/Roll$29.09$26.18$23.56Add To Cart
 01671DT Labels 2.25" x .75" w/Perm Adhesive3.31M/Roll$21.52$19.37$17.43Add To Cart
01671RDT Labels 2.25" x .75" w/Rem. Adh.1.78M/Roll$26.57$23.92$21.52Add To Cart
01679DT Vinyl Labels Jewelry w/Flaps - 2.2" x .50"2.49M/Roll$52.12$46.91$42.22Add To Cart
SKUDescriptionRoll Size1+  QuantityShop
Price rl|roll
01664DT Labels 2.25" x 1.25" w/Perm Adhesive2.1M/Roll$22.53  Add To Cart
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