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Hat Steamer / Model J-4000H

The Model J-4000H is our heavy duty commercial hat steamer.

The J-4000H is equipped with a brass hat nozzle for steaming and

shaping hats and is designed as a tabletop unit. This steamer has

a durable die cast aluminum outer housing unit with a built-in,

easy-to-read water level sight gauge, 1500 watt incoloy heating

element and a stainless steel internal steam chamber. The J-

4000H offers convenient preheat and steam se1ngs, which allows

you to have steam on demand. The unit takes 15 minutes to

reach a PREHEAT temperature and then 5 more minutes to

achieve full STEAM. The J-4000H will steam for 2 hours per filling

Hat Steamer / Model J-4000H
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