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J 2 Standard Duty Steamer

Jiffy® Steamer's Model J 2 Standard Duty Steamer is used in homes worldwide. Owners of our Original Model J 2 have discovered the power and versatility of steam. The Model J 2 offers the power to remove wrinkles quickly and effectively, reducing the need to iron. Steam is so gentle that you can apply it to most any fabric without fear of scorching, unlike ironing. And the Model J 2 is extremely versatile to use it to remove wrinkles on clothing, tablecloths, bedspreads, and most any fabric. This unit incorporates many of the same components found in our commercial grade steamers and, with proper maintenance, will provide years of service.
J-2 Features:
• Quick 2 minute heat up time
1300 watt heating element die cast in solid brass
50/60 Hertz electrical system
Impact resistant 1 gallon water reservoir
New "no spill" check valve cap
Over 2 hours of steam per filling
Color coded high temperature wiring
Fusible link with automatic shut-off for safety
360 degree swivel casters for mobility
Assembly wrench included
120 and 230 Volt units available
Made in the
Numerous cord plugs and steam head attachments available

J 2 Standard Duty Steamer
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