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Full Sized Quarter Vision Jewelry Case with Angled Corners

A pre-assembled, tempered glass, quarter-vision jewelry case with one corner and solid wood veneer sides from top to bottom and a 12” high display area. Shown in rosewood laminate with gold anodized aluminium frame.
 Standard Features:Tempered glass, Halogen light strip, Clear glass doors, Locking sliding doors (plunger lock), Storage with sliding doors (push lock), Laminated deck, Levelers, Electrical cord with switch. Dimensions: width 64" - one corner, 84" - two corners, depth 20.0", height 42.0" 
Available in: (Price Group #1) White with Silver Frame, Black with Black Frame, Grey with Silver Frame, Maple with Silver Frame, Oak with Gold Frame, Cherry with Gold Frame, or Rosewood with Gold Frame. (Price Group #2) Silver with Silver Frame, Gold with Gold Frame, or Pearwood with Black Frame. Upgraded combinations are available at an additional charge. 
This product will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount.
Full Sized Quarter Vision Jewelry Case with Angled Corners
Full Sized Quarter Vision Jewelry Case with Angled Corners Price ea.
Price ea.
67VGL113-1CBOne CornerBlack/Black Framestandard$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CWOne CornerWhite/Silver Framestandard$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CGOne CornerGrey/Silver Framestandard$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1COOne CornerOak/Gold Framestandard$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CCOne CornerCherry/Gold Framestandard$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CMOne CornerMaple/Silver Framestandard$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CROne CornerRosewood/Gold Framestandard$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CPOne CornerPearwood/Black Framestandard$3,235.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CBGOne CornerBrushed Gold/Gold Framestandard$3,235.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-1CBSOne CornerBrushed Silver/Silver Framestandard$3,235.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CBTw0 CornersBlack/Black Framestandard$2,830.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CWTw0 CornersWhite/Silver Framestandard$2,830.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CGTw0 CornersGrey/Silver Framestandard$2,830.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2COTw0 CornersOak/Gold Framestandard$2,830.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CCTw0 CornersCherry/Gold Framestandard$2,830.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CMTw0 CornersMaple/Silver Framestandard$2,830.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CRTw0 CornersRosewood/Gold Framestandard$2,830.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CPTw0 CornersPearwood/Black Framestandard$3,525.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CBGTw0 CornersBrushed Gold/Gold Framestandard$3,525.00Add To Cart
67VGL113-2CBSTw0 CornersBrushed Silver/Silver Framestandard$3,525.00Add To Cart
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