Cash Wrap Cabinet

A cash wrap cabinet specifically made to suit your configuration. Please specify width, height, type of shelving, number and size of drawers, locking sliding doors or not. Holes will be drilled through cabintery to allow for wiring. The more specific you are, the more practical your cash counter will be for your use. The following features come standard on cases. 
Standard Features: Storage hinged door or sliding door, One locking drawer (cam lock), Open storage with one shelf, Check writing area, Black toe-kick, Levelers
Options: Computer pull out tray,Additional drawer, Holes for electrical wires etc., Wheels
Available in: (Price Group #1) White with Silver Frame, Black with Black Frame, Grey with Silver Frame, Maple with Silver Frame, Oak with Gold Frame, Cherry with Gold Frame, or Rosewood with Gold Frame   (Price Group #2) Silver with Silver Frame, Gold with Gold Frame, or Pearwood with Black Frame     
Upgraded combinations are available at an additional charge. 
Dimensions:width 36.0", 48.0", 60.0", or 72.0", depth 20.0", height 42.0"

This product will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount.

Cash Wrap Cabinet
Cash Wrap Cabinet Price ea.
Price ea.
67VCC1003B36 inBlack/Black Frame$1,185.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003W36 inWhite/Silver Frame$1,185.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003G36 inGrey/Silver Frame$1,185.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003O36 inOak/Gold Frame$1,185.00Add To Cart
 67VCC1003C36 inCherry/Gold Frame$1,185.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003M36 inMaple/Silver Frame$1,185.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003R36 inRosewood/Gold Frame$1,185.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003P36 inPearwood/Black Frame$1,645.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003BG36 inBrushed Gold/Gold Frame$1,645.00Add To Cart
67VCC1003BS36 inBrushed Silver/Silver Frame$1,645.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004B48 inBlack/Black Frame$1,295.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004W48 inWhite/Silver Frame$1,295.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004G48 inGrey/Silver Frame$1,295.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004O48 inOak/Gold Frame$1,295.00Add To Cart
 67VCC1004C48 inCherry/Gold Frame$1,295.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004M48 inMaple/Silver Frame$1,295.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004R48 inRosewood/Gold Frame$1,295.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004P48 inPearwood/Black Frame$1,915.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004BG48 inBrushed Gold/Gold Frame$1,915.00Add To Cart
67VCC1004BS48 inBrushed Silver/Silver Frame$1,915.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005B60 inBlack/Black Frame$1,640.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005W60 inWhite/Silver Frame$1,640.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005G60 inGrey/Silver Frame$1,640.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005O60 inOak/Gold Frame$1,640.00Add To Cart
 67VCC1005C60 inCherry/Gold Frame$1,640.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005M60 inMaple/Silver Frame$1,640.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005R60 inRosewood/Gold Frame$1,640.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005P60 inPearwood/Black Frame$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005BG60 inBrushed Gold/Gold Frame$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VCC1005BS60 inBrushed Silver/Silver Frame$2,415.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006B72 inBlack/Black Frame$1,965.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006W72 inWhite/Silver Frame$1,965.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006G72 inGrey/Silver Frame$1,965.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006O72 inOak/Gold Frame$1,965.00Add To Cart
 67VCC1006C72 inCherry/Gold Frame$1,965.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006M72 inMaple/Silver Frame$1,965.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006R72 inRosewood/Gold Frame$1,965.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006P72 inPearwood/Black Frame$2,895.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006BG72 inBrushed Gold/Gold Frame$2,895.00Add To Cart
67VCC1006BS72 inBrushed Silver/Silver Frame$2,895.00Add To Cart
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