Classic Tower Displays   

Classic Tower Displays are wonderful for showcasing your merchandise in such a way to attract your customers. Though pricing is listed for Oak, you can order this display case in many types of wood including Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Pine, and Maple. Please call 1-800-426-5708 if you do not see what you are looking for or have any questions. We are happy to help.

All models include unless noted otherwise: Tempered glass doors, Adjustable tempered glass shelves, Original Versions include 17" locking storage and 3 tempered glass shelves, VML Versions include 4 tempered glass shelves, crown molding and no storage, Lighted cases include 1 Full Spectrum Halogen light (you may sub LEd LIghts for $38.00 per light) 
FOB - Bend, OR  Unless noted ALL cases will ship VIA LTL Common Carrier. A crating charge will be added to all cases being shipped. You will be notified of the freight amount and the crating charges.
Image to the right (left to right) - 6811L, 6811SL, 6811HL.
Classic Tower Displays
Classic Tower Displays Price ea.
SKUDescription (H x W x L)Lighting1+QuantityShop
Price ea.
6811LOctagon-Original - 72"x 17"x 24"1 Halogen$953.30Add To Cart
6811Octagon-Original - 72"x 17"x 24"No Light$767.20Add To Cart
6811SLRectangle-Orig.-72"x17"x24"1 Halogen$888.25Add To Cart
6811SRectangle-Orig.-72"x17"x24"No Light$767.20Add To Cart
6811HLHexagon-Orig.-72"x20"x24"1 Halogen$919.72Add To Cart
6811HHexagon-Orig.-72"x20"x24"No Light$728.20Add To Cart
6811VMLOctagon VML-w/light 75"x17"x24"1 Halogen$789.72Add To Cart
6812VMLRectangle VML-w/light 73"x17"x22"1 Halogen$730.87Add To Cart
6811PMLOct. Pine w/crown & light 72"x17"x24"1 Halogen$789.72Add To Cart
6813VMLOctagon Orig.Modified 72"x17"x24"1 Halogen$755.12Add To Cart
 6811MOctagon Orig.Modified 72"x17"x24"No Light$767.20Add To Cart
 6811MLOct. Orig.Mod. 75"x17"x24"No Light$888.25Add To Cart
 6811SMRect.Orig.Mod. 75"x17"x22"No Light$767.20Add To Cart
 6811SMLRect.Orig.Mod. 75"x17"x22"1 Halogen$888.25Add To Cart
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