Extra Vision Showcases

The Extra Vision Showcases have a 32" high glass display area dramatically presents three levels of merchandise in these showcase fixtures which blend with any store decor.
     Choose from three lengths: 48", 60", or 70". All are 38" high and 20" deep. Recessed black laminated bases are 6" high and 16" deep. Display area has two-piece, adjustable glass shelves, one 8" deep, the other 10" deep. 32"H Glass Display - 6" Kick. 
These cases can be quoted in special laminates or with additional options - Please call for a special quote 1-800-426-5708

    This product will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount.
Extra Vision Showcases
Extra Vision Showcases Price
67V6904-EV1206P38" x 20" x 70"Laminated Hardboard Doors$653.94Add To Cart
6718612238" x 20" x 70"Laminated Hardboard Doors w/lights & locks$832.51Add To Cart
67V6904-EV1206M38" x 20" x 70"Mirror Doors$746.43Add To Cart
6718655238" x 20" x 70"Mirror Doors w/lights & locks$653.94Add To Cart
67V6904-EV1205P38" x 20" x 60"Laminated Hardboard Doors$625.30Add To Cart
6718512238" x 20" x 60"Laminated Hardboard Doors w/lights & locks$803.87Add To Cart
67V6904-EV1205M38" x 20" x 60"Mirror Doors$706.11Add To Cart
6718555238" x 20" x 60"Mirror Doors w/lights & locks$884.68Add To Cart
67V6904-EV1204P38" x 20" x 48"Laminated Hardboard Doors$600.29Add To Cart
6718412238" x 20" x 48"Laminated Hardboard Doors w/lights & locks$778.86Add To Cart
67V6904-EV1204M38" x 20" x 48"Mirror Doors$683.02Add To Cart
6718455238" x 20" x 48"Mirror Doors w/lights & locks$861.59Add To Cart
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