Full Vision Showcases

Three full view merchandise levels give you more selling display fixtures per square foot. Top shelf is 8" deep. Second shelf is 10" deep. Two-piece glass shelving is adjustable.
 Overall height is 38". Glass display area is 26" high, 20" deep. Recessed base is 16" deep. Available in 48", 60", and 70" lengths.

These cases can be quoted in special laminates or with additional options - Please call for a special quote 1-800-426-5708
This product will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount.
Full Vision Showcases
Full Vision Showcases Price
67V6904-BC1206P38" x 20" x 70"Laminated Hardboard Doors$655.86Add To Cart
67V11612238" x 20" x 70"Laminated Hardboard Doors w/lights & locks$834.43Add To Cart
67V6904-BC1206M38" x 20" x 70"Mirror Doors$731.12Add To Cart
67V11655238" x 20" x 70"Mirror Doors w/lights & locks$909.69Add To Cart
67V6904-BC1205P38" x 20" x 60"Laminated Hardboard Doors$634.92Add To Cart
67V11512238" x 20" x 60"Laminated Hardboard Doors w/lights & locks$813.49Add To Cart
67V6904-BC1205M38" x 20" x 60"Mirror Doors$704.09Add To Cart
67V11555238" x 20" x 60"Mirror Doors w/lights & locks$882.66Add To Cart
67V6904-BC1204P38" x 20" x 48"Laminated Hardboard Doors$615.68Add To Cart
67V11412238" x 20" x 48"Laminated Hardboard Doors w/lights & locks$794.25Add To Cart
67V6904-BC1204M38" x 20" x 48"Mirror Doors$683.02Add To Cart
67V11455238" x 20" x 48"Mirror Doors w/lights & locks$861.59Add To Cart
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