Gridwall Flat Wire Shelves

Flat Wire Shelves for Gridwall have 5 gauge edges, 5 gauge long wires, and 12 gauge cross wires unless otherwise listed.

Gridwall Flat Wire Shelves
Gridwall Flat Wire Shelves Price
66VGFS2410B24"x10", 1" on centerBlack$23.30Add To Cart
66VGFS24B24"x12", 1" on centerBlack$23.84Add To Cart
665024122B24"x12", 1" on center, 2"lipBlack$35.10Add To Cart
66VGFS2412B24"x12", 2" on centerBlack$29.98Add To Cart
66VGFS20B23"x14", 2" on center 7ga. grid wire Black$30.34Add To Cart
66VGFS12B12"x8", parallel wires 6ga. frame, 7ga. cross wireBlack$13.56Add To Cart
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