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3/16" Tempered Shelf Glass Square Corners

Remember: When calculating overall dimensions of a display made of 3/16" tempered glass include 1/2" per connector intersection. 
A $25.00 glass crating charge will be added to glass orders. Also this product will be shipped VIA common carrier. Freight will be quoted separately. You will be notified of the freight amount.
3/16" Tempered Shelf Glass Square Corners Price each
Price each
602102410" x 24"$5.29$4.76$4.52Add To Cart
602103610" x 36"$8.16$7.75$7.37Add To Cart
602104810" x 48"$10.28$9.25$8.79Add To Cart
602122412" x 24"$6.34$5.71$5.42Add To Cart
602123012" x 30"$7.93$7.14$6.78Add To Cart
602123612" x 36"$9.51$8.56$8.13Add To Cart
602124812" x 48"$12.69$11.42$10.85Add To Cart
602143614" x 36"$11.10$10.55$9.49Add To Cart
602162416" x 24"$8.46$7.61$7.23Add To Cart
602144814" x 48"$14.80$14.06$12.65Add To Cart
602142414" x 24"$7.40$7.03$6.33Add To Cart
602143014" x 30"$9.25$8.79$7.91Add To Cart
602164816" x 48"$16.91$16.07$14.46Add To Cart
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