Oval Gridwall Baskets Rings

Our oval gridwall basket rings are designed to accommodate our oval willow baskets. Quickly mount a basket to your existing gridwall display panel or fixture.

Color: Antique Bronze Finish 
• Oval ring
• Mount to Gridwall
• Antique Bronze Finish
• 3 Sizes

Note: Baskets sold separately

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Oval Gridwall Baskets Rings
Oval Gridwall Baskets Rings Price
64VSM19-130Holds 22 1/2" x 18" x 7" basket (64VSM19-090)$11.78Add To Cart
64VSM19-123Holds 27" x 21" x 8 basket (64VSM19-089)$13.60Add To Cart
64VSM19-129Holds 16" x 12" x 16" basket (64VSM19-091)$10.51Add To Cart
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