Acrylic Mini Platform Stairs

So ideal for very small items like miniatures, jewelry items, perfume, nail polish, etc.  These are items that you want to make sure will be noticed by your clients rather than getting lost in your display when placed near larger items. Three sizes are available, choose the ones that will work best for you depending upon the number of items you want to display or the size of the item you are displaying.
Acrylic Mini Platform Stairs
Acrylic Mini Platform Stairs Price ea.
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Price ea.
70MPV14 1/8"x14"x16" - platform 1 1/2"x2" & 2"x4"$19.48Add To Cart
 70MPV36 1/8"x21"x7" - platform 2"x3" & 3"x6"$28.44Add To Cart
 70MPV56 1/8"x28"x9" - platform 3"x4" & 4"x8"$69.16Add To Cart
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