Acrylic Compartment Bins for Countertop

Non Adjustable countertop compartment bins with dividers in acrylic are available in 3 or 4 compartment displays. These acrylic displays feature a clear side guard to prevent items from falling out and are ideal for small leather goods, billfolds, glass cases, trinkets, candles, what ever the need, you name it!
Sold individually.
Acrylic Compartment Bins for Countertop
Acrylic Compartment Bins for Countertop Price ea.
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7016533-Compartment squared bin - 16"x4"x4"$49.75Add To Cart
7016553-Compartment squared bin - 24"x6"x6"$61.88Add To Cart
7016544-Compartment squared bin - 16"x4"x4"$67.25Add To Cart
7016564-Compartment squared bin - 24"x6"x6"$71.50Add To Cart
7016433-Compartment sloped bin -16"x4"x4"$51.25Add To Cart
7016454-Compartment sloped bin -20"x6"x6"$75.50Add To Cart
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