Acrylic Open Cubes 3/16" Clear

Use as boxes for selling small items as these are clear, 5 sided open cube or used as a riser for displaying items at a variety of heights.  These cubes are made from 3 /16" acrylic.
Acrylic Open Cubes 3/16
Acrylic Open Cubes 3/16" Clear Price
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7010014" x 4" x 5"$13.48Add To Cart
 7010044" x 4" x 4"$16.59Add To Cart
 7010066" x 6" x 6"$22.79Add To Cart
 7010088" x 8" x 8"$25.89Add To Cart
70101010" x 10" x 10"$33.29Add To Cart
 70101212" x 12" x 12"$56.88Add To Cart
 70101515" x 15" x 15"$95.34Add To Cart
 70101818" x 18" x 18"$166.93Add To Cart
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