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Christmas & Holiday Patterns 100' Rolls

Great selection stocked in our Denver warehouse are many of your favorite patterns. Because we buy so many, you can Save on these “handy to use” cutter rolls. Our cutter rolls measure 24” x 100’. All are priced at one low price of $21.00 a roll from inventory only available in the Denver Warehouse. If not available in Denver, these same patterns may be ordered at regular gift wrap pricing. 
Christmas & Holiday Patterns 100' Rolls

Santas In Circles - X5430DS

Blue Frosty - X4082DS

Twinkle, Twinkle - M6159DS

Bow Wow Christmas - X4147DS

Poinsettia Rouge - M7218DS

Starry Holidays M6245DS

Roly Poly Penguins - X5436DS

Fun Santa - X5443DS

Santas In Circles - X5430DS 562CX5430DS
562CX5430DS24" x 100'$21.00Add To Cart
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