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Double Sided & Kraft Giftwrap  

New this year we have many environmentally friendly Double Sided (B991 Black and Silver and B985 Pastel Pink & Pastel Blue), Double Sided on Premium Kraft, and Kraft (Natural, Medium Heavy Weight Kraft B918) Giftwrap patterns.  The double sided patterns are great since you can have two different patterns on one roll.   See Baby Giftwrap for a really cute Double Sided - Pastel Pink and Pastel Blue B985 pattern.
       *1/4 ream = 30" x 208"  
         1/2 ream = 30" x 416'
         full ream = 30" x 833'
(*note: minimum order of 1/4 ream is 2 rolls)
Other widths, flat sheets and many bags to match are available call 1-800-426-5708 and ask a sales representative for details.
Double Sided & Kraft Giftwrap

Red & Gold Kraft B993

Gold & Silver Kraft B995

Red & Green B999

Royal & Silver Kraft B996

Black & Silver B991

Natural Medium Heavy Weight Kraft B918

Red & Gold Kraft B993 56V-5057-B993.25
Price per roll
56V-5057-B993Full Ream 30" x 833'$214.31Add To Cart
56V-5057-B993.251/4 Ream 30" x 208'$69.74Add To Cart
56V-5057-B993.501/2 Ream 30" x 416'$115.23Add To Cart
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