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Dots, Stripes & Miscellaneous Gift Wrap

Sullivan Dots, Stripes & Miscellaneous Giftwrap paper in a wide range of popular patterns.
Available for your retail store packaging needs in full and half ream rolls.

*All swatches are Foil Embossed unless noted otherwise.
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Dots, Stripes & Miscellaneous Gift Wrap

GW-2984 Red & Blue Stripe, around the roll

GW-4506 Dragonflies & Swirls, 2 Sided, Kraft

GW-8072 Peace Signs

GW-8180 Kolor Karma, Rainbow Supreme Gloss

GW-744 Black Celebrity Small Dot Printed

GW-5583 Bright Stripe, Flexo

GW-5589 Sea Shapes, Geometrics, Masculine Printed

GW-7672 Contemporary Stripes, Process Embossed

GW-7091 Crazy Stripes, Process Embossed

GW-7680 On the Dots, Process Supreme Gloss

GW-8113 Vertigo Stripes Supreme Gloss

GW-111 Black, Silver & Gold Metallic

GW-8157 Grid Lights Embossed

GW-32 Red Stripes Printed

GW-2475 Black & White Dots & Checks, 2 sided

GW-4916 Reich Plaid

GW-8156 Purple Plaid Kraft Embossed

GW-7409 Embossed

GW-7007 Spotted Madness Supreme Gloss

GW-8076 Dazzling Dots, Holographic

GW-8052 Prism Break, Black Dots, Holographic

GW-2984 Red & Blue Stripe, around the roll 56V5656-2FGW-2984
Price roll|rl
556V5656-2HGW-2984Half Ream 24" x 417 ft$170.90Add To Cart
56V5656-0FGW-2984Full Ream 30" x 833 ft$353.00Add To Cart
56V5656-0HGW-2984Half Ream 30" x 417 ft$196.50Add To Cart
56V5656-2FGW-2984Full Ream 24" x 833 ft$301.80Add To Cart
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