Wedding & Shower

Choose from an amazing collection of beautiful Sullivan Wedding & Shower Giftwrap in various embossed, foil, and pearl finishes.  Available in half and full reams at great prices.

*All swatches are Foil Embossed unless noted otherwise.
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Wedding & Shower

GW-3020 Gold embossed sable

GW-396 Wedding Diagonal Stripes

GW-4074 Scrolling Leaves, Filigree Kraft

GW-737 Gold Embossed Moire

GW-2520 Pearl Embossed Cloud Nine

GW-215 White Litho Embossed Alligator

GW-738 Foil Embossed Moire

GW-166 Large White Silver Dots

GW-2519 Pearl Embossed Akita

GW-213 White Litho Embossed Swirl

GW-1331 Ribbon Stripes, Pearl & White, Litho

GW-2518 Pearl Embossed Moire

GW-2521 Pearl Embossed Fluff

GW-6143 Solid Pearl Embossed Crash Linen

GW-2614 Wedding Filigree White/Pearl

GW-7661 Strings of Silver, Flexo Metallized

GW-6912 Pearl & White Floral Choke Foil Emb.

GW-5632 White Leaf Overlay

GW-6149 Solid White Chromecast Embossed Skytogen

GW-3013 Foil Embossed Heritage

GW-5210 Scrolling Leaves, Filigree Pearl & White

GW-8124 Button Flowers Process

GW-7970 Feng Shui Paisley Metallized

GW-5737 Pearl & White Stripes Embossed

GW-3012 foil embossed heritage

GW-52 Gold/Silver, Seashell Rainbow, Process

GW-4583 Wedding Floral Swirl, Filigree

GW-6151 White ChromeCast, Embossed Rib

GW-3020 Gold embossed sable 56V5656-2FGW-3020
Price roll|rl
56V5656-0FGW-3020Full Ream 30" x 833 ft$485.00Add To Cart
56V5656-0HGW-3020Half Ream 30" x 417 ft$262.55Add To Cart
56V5656-2FGW-3020Full Ream 24" x 833 ft$415.80Add To Cart
56V5656-2HGW-3020Half Ream 24" x 417 ft$227.80Add To Cart
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