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Hi Wall 2 Piece Red Boxes & Lids  

Mix or match lids with bottoms.
Click here for the Hi Walls Boxes Suggested Uses list.
Please be sure to order lids separately.
Lids for Hi Walls Boxes are available in:
White (5), Red (586), Gold (115), and Black (388).

Lids and Hi Walls are packed in separate cases.         
Case pack is 50 for all Lids and 50 for all Hi Walls boxes. 

Hi Wall 2 Piece Red Boxes & Lids
Hi Wall 2 Piece Red Boxes & Lids Price 50/case
Price 50/case
54V5417L4586Red4x4 Lid $40.90$32.75$27.75Add To Cart
54V5417H43586Red4x4x3 - Base $51.85$42.90$34.95Add To Cart
54V5417H46586Red4x4x6 - Base $63.05$51.75$42.85Add To Cart
54V5417H49586Red4x4x9 - Base $84.00$68.70$55.95Add To Cart
54V5417L6586Red6x6 Lid $48.35$38.85$32.60Add To Cart
54V5417H63586Red6x6x3 - Base$76.35$62.40$51.20Add To Cart
54V5417H66586Red6x6x6 - Base$87.95$72.10$59.45Add To Cart
54V5417H69586Red6x6x9 - Base$119.00$97.55$79.55Add To Cart
54V5417L8586Red8x8 Lid $59.20$47.35$39.95Add To Cart
54V5417H83586Red8x8x3 - Base$101.20$82.50$67.60Add To Cart
54V5417H86586Red8x8x6 - Base$121.90$84.35$81.40Add To Cart
54V5417H89586Red8x8x9 - Base$154.50$127.30$104.35Add To Cart
54V5417L10586Red10x10 Lid $71.15$57.30$48.40Add To Cart
54V5417H103586Red10x10x3 - Base$136.75$112.55$91.75Add To Cart
54V5417H106586Red10x10x6 - Base$168.40$138.15$113.25Add To Cart
54V5417H109586Red10x10x9 - Base$222.30$182.65$149.55Add To Cart
54V5417L12586Red12x12 Lid $98.90$79.70$67.10Add To Cart
54V5417H123586Red12x12x3 - Base$216.10$179.95$145.20Add To Cart
54V5417H126586Red12x12x6 - Base$257.10$211.60$172.80Add To Cart
54V5417H129586Red12x12x9 - Base$300.70$246.65$201.85Add To Cart
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