Printed Tissue Paper Assortment Packs


Choose from 7 different tissue paper assortments for your store. We also have assortments of our Solid Color Tissue Assortment Packs including: Complete Pack, Popular Pack, Spring Pack, Holiday Pack, or Random Solid Assortment Packs. 
    This Printed Tissue Paper contains minimum 10% post consumer recycled content.
Order tissue by the package.  Package sizes are one ream of 200  except the Black & White assortment has 240 sheets. Sheets are 20" x 30" unless noted otherwise.

Printed Tissue Paper Assortment Packs
Printed Tissue Paper Assortment Packs Price per package
Price per package
5602WLWildlife$31.50$29.93$28.43Add To Cart
5602WPWhimsy$31.50$29.93$28.43Add To Cart
5602TP'Tis the Season$31.50$29.93$28.43Add To Cart
5602CWChildren's Wonderland, FOB Denver$31.50$29.93$28.43Add To Cart
5602BWBlack & White Assortment$50.36$47.85$43.06Add To Cart
5602PEPearlesence$60.58$57.55$54.68Add To Cart
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