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Hi Performance Dry Wax Food Service Tissue Paper

Hi Performance Dry Wax Food Service Tissue Paper come in stock prints and colors that will liven up your take out food containers.  All are printed on 15/18# paper.  It is useful for Basket Liners, Food Wrap, Carry-Out Box Liners, Small Sandwich Wrap, Hot Dog Wrap and Pastry Handling.  Solid Colors and Prints Available. Stock patterns include: Brick Oven Red, Fiesta Red, Checks Black, Coffee House, Fresh Fruit, Fries, Go Green and Dots.  Solid Colors: Caramel, Cinnamon, Cream, Grape, Bay Leaf, and Cherry.
Sold per Case.

Hi Performance Dry Wax Food Service Tissue Paper
Hi Performance Dry Wax Food Service Tissue Paper Price per case
Price per case
5FST1212W15/18#-12”x12” Flat-Dispenser Box 6M/CSWhite$96.69$93.79Add To Cart
5FST1212CI15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 6M/CSCinnamon$167.66$162.63Add To Cart
5FST1212CY15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 6M/CSCherry$167.66$162.63Add To Cart
5FST1212BL15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 6M/CSBay Leaf$167.66$162.63Add To Cart
5FST1212CR15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 6M/CSCream$167.66$162.63Add To Cart
5FST1212GR15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 6M/CSGrape$167.66$162.63Add To Cart
5FST1212CA15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 6M/CSCaramel$167.66$162.63Add To Cart
5ST1212CK15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSChecks$135.35$131.29Add To Cart
5ST1212BO15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSBrick Oven Red$135.35$131.29Add To Cart
5ST1212FI15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSFiesta Red$135.35$131.29Add To Cart
5ST1212CO15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSCoffee House$135.35$131.29Add To Cart
5ST1212DO15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSDots$202.13$196.06Add To Cart
5ST1212FF15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSFresh Fruit$202.13$196.06Add To Cart
5ST1212FR15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSFries$202.13$196.06Add To Cart
5ST1212GG15/18#-12”x12”Flat-Dispenser Box 3M/CSGo Green$202.13$196.06Add To Cart
5ST1210CI15/18# -12”x10 3/4" Interfold 3M/CSCinnamon$90.15$87.44Add To Cart
5ST1210CY15/18# -12”x10 3/4" Interfold 3M/CSCherry$90.15$87.44Add To Cart
5ST1210BL15/18# -12”x10 3/4" Interfold 3M/CSBay Leaf$90.15$87.44Add To Cart
5ST1210CR15/18# -12”x10 3/4" Interfold 3M/CSCream$90.15$87.44Add To Cart
5ST1210GR15/18# -12”x10 3/4" Interfold 3M/CSGrape$90.15$87.44Add To Cart
5ST1210CA15/18# -12”x10 3/4" Interfold 3M/CSCaramel$90.15$87.44Add To Cart
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Price per case
5FST1210W15/18#- 12”x10 3/4”-Interfold 3M/CSWhite$54.05 Add To Cart
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