Shamrock Printed Tissue Paper

Gift wrapping is a customer service that is as much a part of the sale as merchandising, advertising, or other defining aspects of your retail store. Consider the presentation of your merchandise as it leaves your retail store and the impression that is created for your customer. Your customer deserves the best, so make your choice from hundreds of Shamrock's beautiful designs.
Order Printed Tissue by the soft folded package. Package sizes are 200 sheets per package. Sheets are 20" x 30".
Made in the U.S.A.
Shamrock Printed Tissue Paper
Shamrock Printed Tissue Paper Price per package
Price per package
5T10418Red Lollipop$44.28Add To Cart
5T10579Polka Dot Black$44.28Add To Cart
5T10580Polka Dot Lime$44.28Add To Cart
5T10581Polka Dot Hot Pink$44.28Add To Cart
5T10487Christmas Stripe$52.53Add To Cart
5T10589Polka Dot RedN/A 
5T10615Baby Dots$52.53Add To Cart
5T10614Merry Merry$52.53Add To Cart
5T10661Bold Scroll$44.28Add To Cart
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