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Replacement Needles

Order needles by the box. Each box has 3 needles. Needles come in standard, fine, heavy duty and reinforced. The 5515, 5515H and 5515R are for use in a standard tagging gun. The 5520 and 5520R are for use in a fine tagging gun.

Left - Item 5515 box of 3 needles.
Replacement Needles
Replacement Needles Price per box
Price per box
5520Fine Tagging Needles$21.21$20.15$18.13Add To Cart
5520RRe-inforced Needles for Fine Tagger$23.23$22.07$19.86Add To Cart
 5515ZStandard Tagging Needles$13.75$13.06$12.41Add To Cart
5515HHeavy Duty Needles for Standard Tagger$21.21$20.15$18.13Add To Cart
5515RRe-inforced Needles for Standard Tagging Gun$23.23$22.07$19.86Add To Cart
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