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Pipe & Panel Fixtures  

These designer pipe & panel fixtures are perfect for pairing with our 3D Textured Slatwall. The pipe is made from 3/4" in thick steel pipe and you get your choice of single sided or double sided slatwall panels. These free standing units are perfect for stand-alone displays of your products, or for tying in with an existing product display. Choose your pipe style and single or double sided panels and a sales representative will contact you with your panel options. See all your options for panels here

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Pipe & Panel Fixtures
Pipe & Panel Fixtures Price
SKUSizeHeightPipe Color1+QuantityShop
656043FTPS2BL42' wide, Single Sided4' tallBlack$666.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2BR42' wide, Single Sided4' tallBronze$699.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2S42' wide, Single Sided4' tallSandblast$699.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2R42' wide, Single Sided4' tallRust$749.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2BL62' wide, Single Sided6' tallBlack$966.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2BR62' wide, Single Sided6' tallBronze$999.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2S62' wide, Single Sided6' tallSandblast$999.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2R62' wide, Single Sided6' tallRust$1,049.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2BL82' wide, Single Sided8' tallBlack$1,333.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2BR82' wide, Single Sided8' tallBronze$1,374.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2S82' wide, Single Sided8' tallSandblast$1,374.93Add To Cart
656043FTPS2R82' wide, Single Sided8' tallRust$1,466.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2BL42' wide, Double Sided4' tallBlack$749.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2BR42' wide, Double Sided4' tallBronze$766.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2S42' wide, Double Sided4' tallSandblast$766.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2R42' wide, Double Sided4' tallRust$799.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2BL62' wide, Double Sided6' tallBlack$1,033.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2BR62' wide, Double Sided6' tallBronze$1,066.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2S62' wide, Double Sided6' tallSandblast$1,066.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2R62' wide, Double Sided6' tallRust$1,124.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2BL82' wide, Double Sided8' tallBlack$1,433.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2BR82' wide, Double Sided8' tallBronze$1,499.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2S82' wide, Double Sided8' tallSandblast$1,499.93Add To Cart
656043FTPD2R82' wide, Double Sided8' tallRust$1,583.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3BL44' wide, Single Sided4' tallBlack$999.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3BR44' wide, Single Sided4' tallBronze$1,041.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3S44' wide, Single Sided4' tallSandblast$1,041.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3R44' wide, Single Sided4' tallRust$1,124.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3BL64' wide, Single Sided6' tallBlack$1,249.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3BR64' wide, Single Sided6' tallBronze$1,291.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3S64' wide, Single Sided6' tallSandblast$1,291.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3R64' wide, Single Sided6' tallRust$1,458.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3BL84' wide, Single Sided8' tallBlack$1,624.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3BR84' wide, Single Sided8' tallBronze$1,666.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3S84' wide, Single Sided8' tallSandblast$1,666.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP3R84' wide, Single Sided8' tallRust$1,833.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4BL44' wide, Double Sided4' tallBlack$1,083.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4BR44' wide, Double Sided4' tallBronze$1,124.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4S44' wide, Double Sided4' tallSandblast$1,124.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4R44' wide, Double Sided4' tallRust$1,249.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4BL64' wide, Double Sided6' tallBlack$1,416.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4BR64' wide, Double Sided6' tallBronze$1,458.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4S64' wide, Double Sided6' tallSandblast$1,458.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4R64' wide, Double Sided6' tallRust$1,624.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4BL84' wide, Double Sided8' tallBlack$1,791.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4BR84' wide, Double Sided8' tallBronze$1,874.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4S84' wide, Double Sided8' tallSandblast$1,874.93Add To Cart
656043FTPP4R84' wide, Double Sided8' tallRust$2,124.93Add To Cart
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